Unlock the Power Within:
Design Your Bold Life!


Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Saturday January 27th, 2024
Time: 12 noon

Edmonton, AB - December 2022 | Abbotsford, BC - December 2022 | Toronto, ON - March 2023 | Edmonton, AB - July 2023 | Winnipeg, MB - September 2023

Join other ACTIVATED Women Living Boldly

Unlock the Power Within: Design Your Bold Life!

Are you an immigrant woman living in the diaspora, carrying big and bold dreams in your heart, yet finding yourself settling for less than you deserve due to your current circumstances? 

It’s time for a transformative experience that will awaken and ignite the fire within you!

As we embrace the last few months of 2023, Our Activate Live Event is a special edition to challenge women to live boldly, by inspiring you to unlock your great potential, design and pursue your big and bold dreams.

Do you want to get ACTIVATED as you spend some time on great fun, building connections, high-level networking and superior coaching for high impact in the company of other women at our ACTIVATE LIVE Event?

Then join us at any of our last ACTIVATE LIVE EVENTS for the year 2023.

The ACTIVATE Live Visioning Event is a great place to get inspired and accelerated to pursue your big and bold dreams.

When you join us at the ACTIVATE LIVE EVENT, you will be saying goodbye to being stuck, unclear and unsure. You will gain the momentum that will set you up for the kind of life you want - a life where you are thriving!

Just because sometimes, all you really need is the clarity, community, support and the guide to design and activate that big and bold dream in your heart

Let us support you with our transformational tools that will guide you to gain momentum and to live out the life of your dreams.

What You Get From ACTIVATE LIVE Visioning Event

Visioning Party

We want to support you to clarity and set good intentions and vision to ensure you end 2023 strong at the ACTIVATE LIVE Event. We will be having a visioning process using our ACTIVATE Goal-Setting Framework that will support your journey.

ACTIVATE 90-day Planner

Participants of the ACTIVATE LIVE Visioning Event have the opportunity to access our ACTIVATE Goal-Setting Planner. Our ACTIVATE Life-Design Planner is aimed at supporting you to walk through your audacious, big and bold goal for the last 90 days of this year.

Opportunity to Connect & Network

Iron sharpens iron. Our ACTIVATE LIVE event will give you the opportunity to connect and meet other high-impact leaders like you in a visioning environment.

Access To Coaching Community

When you sign up for the ACTIVATE LIVE Event, you get access to our Activate Community through our Living Boldly Collective, where you experience the power of accountability and support as we step into a new year.

Discounted Access To Our Living Boldly Collective & Breakfast Club

Participants of the ACTIVATE LIVE Event have the opportunity to access our world-class BOLD Collective, where you get expert mentoring, coaching, support and community to activate and achieve your goals.

Food & Drinks for Event Participants
*(In person attendees only)

It is a time of fun and connections in a relaxed atmosphere  at our event.

We will provide ACTIVATE LIVE Event participants with brunch & drinks for the duration of the live event.

Experience An Empowering Day

- ACTIVATE Workshop: Immerse yourself in an empowering workshop designed to unlock your inner potential and activate your bold dreams.

- ACTIVATE Planner: Receive a personalized planner to help you chart your course towards success and keep you focused on your aspirations.

- Activation Fireside Chat: Engage in inspiring conversations with accomplished individuals who will ignite your motivation and spark your passion.

- Visioning Session: Get ready to clarify your vision for the future and set powerful intentions for the path ahead.

- Networking: Connect with like-minded individuals, forming valuable connections that will support you on your journey.

- Photo Session: Capture the essence of this transformative day with a professional photo session to commemorate your growth.

- Coffe/Tea/Lunch: Enjoy a delicious lunch as you recharge and share your aspirations with newfound friends.

Hear from some of our past attendees

What people say?

"It helped me to step out of my comfort zone and aim higher for more”
Financial Analyst
"It felt like an uncovering of layers"
""It was an excavation of my mind”
"This helped to get more clarity about my career path"
Human Resource Practitioner

Our Attendees Say

“ACTIVATE LIVE has awakened my dreams and vision that I thought were dead and dormant, and now I can dream about the future”


“I was able to plan & visualize my dreams and also able to break them down and see how I can make them work”


“I got to be Vulnerable and I was able to set my goals and envision the future”


“I was able to plan & visualize my dreams and also able to break them down and see how I can make them work”


We cannot wait to see you Unlock Your Greatest Potentials!