Do you know what it means to pursue your big goals and dreams so that you can achieve them?
How do you design your life in a way that gives you the opportunity to live it out boldly?
In this episode, Nike shares a beautiful analogy that will support you to design and live out your big and bold dreams.
The LIVING BOLDLY Movement is a movement for you to live life unapologetically BOLDLY.   
We are all about challenging you to step out and step up in your everyday life, with a strong desire for the beautiful BOLD life you were made for.  
At LIVING BOLDLY INC. Movement, we have one mission – to awaken & equip you to live boldly.
We want to inspire hope in your heart to embrace the fact that there is no other way to live but the BOLD way.   
The Living Boldly community is for anyone who desires to live life fully and boldly.  
We are a community of people who want to embrace the Bold life and to up level in all areas of our lives – those who want to truly thrive in all areas of life.  
You are the one we’ve been waiting for.  

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